In 2007 she won the original poetry writing competition at LAMDA performing her poem 'Him & Me'

lamda poetry comp

Receiving her award along with Anthony Welsh who won the publish poetry section.

lamdapoetry comp2

In 2008 she won the origional poetry writing cometition at LAMDA perfomring her poem Klink Klank Echoes with actor Gary Carr

She has been a featured poet performing at Apples & Snakes events.

2008 Farrago Poetry Slam winner & Featured Poet at

Farrago Telegraph Slam

Performed at various venues including...

Lyric Lounge, Last Days of Decadence, Vibe Bar, Bar Music Hall

City Hall, Tavistoc Square for Anna Scher's Conscentious Objectors Day,

Theatro Technis, The African Centre, Lyrical Lift, Brockley Festival,

Soho Theatre, Tristan Bates Theatre, Tea House Theatre,

Whitechapel Art Gallery

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Dame K often performs her poetry with actres Eloise Joseph